Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shared sacrifice

I can't imagine why Reid didn't get ahead of the GOP on this one. It would be political suicide for the Senate to accept automatic pay raises this year. And if Reid was thinking they could just let it happen and no one would notice -- well -- I can't think of clearer evidence that he needs to be replaced.

As it stands right now, the Republicans have an amendment in the omnibus spending bill that Reid wants out and Pelosi is already saying that an altered bill won't pass the House. Both Dems and GOP also have stand alone bills that can "be addressed later." This has to be the lamest political kabuki dance I've ever seen in that chamber. Both houses of Congress should have passed stand alone rejections of the raise by now. Right before they were haranguing auto makers and bankers for getting too much money would have made for perfect optics.

Since it's too late for that, Reid needs to get a Dem bill on the floor immediately if taking credit is so damned important. But it would seem more efficient for a bi-partisan bill to be put forward and passed unanimously. It might raise the approval ratings of everyone if for once they could at least appear to take their lip service to bi-partisanship seriously.

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