Monday, March 09, 2009

Quick Bytes - DST Edition

Patrick McHenry, is the latest Republican to publicly admit the GOP's only plan is pure obstruction.

This was causing a minor ripple in Wingtopia today. Seeking to absolve their buddy Rushbo of scumbaggery, Fox News pimped an 8/06 poll that allegedly had a majority of Democrats hoping for Bush to fail. Oddly, they didn't link to the poll [pdf] showing the context framing it around the escalation of the Iraq occupation. Nor did they mention an 07 poll of theirs that showed a majority expressing a wish that Bush succeed. Longer posts with more links on these two at my Detroit News blog.

Mark Halperin is worried that Obama is trying to "do too much." A commenter there, Mad Dog, has the appropriate response. "Well, consider his predecessor: If they knew Bush was going to have to walk to the microphone, they certainly wouldn't also schedule gum chewing on the same day." The same could be said of the idiot media mavens who rule the discourse.

A headline I didn't expect. Nancy Reagan praises Obama.

Bloggers go mainstream. Kos and Jane of FDL interviewed on CNN.

Can't remember if I posted this poll. Obama has a 72 percent favorable rating. And 56 percent support nationalizing large banks at risk of failing.

Avedon put me onto this gorgeous post about newspapers featuring an unfortunate prediction written in 1987.

And for pure snark, Roy wins the internets today with the latest must read post on Going Galt.

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Blogger danps said...

Hi Libby. It's funny to watch the Randians write without irony about how badly off the rest of us will be when they up and leave, not realizing that if they had done so about five or ten years ago the rest of us would have been spared the financial meltdown.

Or put another way: has there ever been a worse time since the publication of Atlas Shrugged for this kind of threat to be issued?

8:56:00 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

When Greenspan finally decided that markets don't really self regulate it was time for Atlas to leave the building. I never saw that whole crock as anything but an encomium for elitism at best and quasi-Fascism at worst.

9:44:00 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Anyone on the right mentioning that in the past eight years of sending meaningful research abroad many who could have lived productive lives lost them? and is the right wing going to pay damages?

10:05:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Good morning folks. I'm amused by the Galters. I for one am willing to go to great lengths to encourage them to go through with it. Their kind of *creativity* we can probably live without...

10:47:00 AM  

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