Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, the places I've been...

A bunch of links I've been meaning to post to news you have missed.

Hate radio takes a hit in California. As Diane said, "How ironic: the invisible hand of the market just flipped off its most vigorous supporters."

That should make our friend Spocko happy. He didn't post on this one himself, but he's probably the longest standing warrior against the hate jockeys in Blogtopia and has other news of media malfeasance.

I still love this story and here's a new twist. Stewart vs. Cramer, and much more, as translated by Bobblespeak. The transcripts here are always much better than the real thing.

Our friend Hart has a great take on the Go Galt movement. And he doesn't think much of Andrew Malcolm but he called me a national treaure. Thanks buddy. The feeling is mutual.

Don't know what I would do without Dan's comprehensive posts on the overlooked news inside the Beltway. His week in tyranny is essential reading, but keep scrolling to his "through the cracks" post. As he said, "Those now in Washington are turning into conspirators after the fact, and increasingly the deeds of the prior leadership become those of the current one. And the rest of ours as well." He's right of course. As much as like some things Obama is doing, he's also making some very important decisions that are more than a little alarming.

To lighten up the mood, Whiskey Ina is doing art lately and has some fabulous self portraits. I have to find some time to figure out this SUMO paint thing. I want to do those too.

Hecate's place is a welcome oasis in these troubled times. I always leave feeling more centered and she's still doing the restaurant reviews that I really love. Make sure you scroll down far enough to get the White House recipe for spinach.

And lastly, nothing is more comforting than kittenz. This one is an especially nice gallery.

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