Monday, March 02, 2009

Lamenting Limbaugh

I followed a lot of the coverage on the wingnut convention known as CPAC and this quote from the Crunchy Con, Rob Dreher at Belief Net sums up the GOP intra-party dilemma the best.
Anybody who challenges Limbavian orthodoxy is, ipso facto, the Enemy. If you suggest reform, even from the Right, you are a useful idiot for the Media, which are the Enemy, and can never be anything but the Enemy. Limbaughism sounds a lot like Leninism.
My natural empathy leaves me feeling somewhat sorry for those few brave souls in the party who are embarrassed by the display of ignorance and arrogance at CPAC and are willing to voice it. But then again, they did nothing to stop the rise of the dittoheads when it served the purpose of keeping their party in power. And I can't deny I'm delighted to see the GOP being defined by Limbaugh and the lizard brain impulses of his cult who put pissing off liberals as their highest priority, no matter what the consequences.

My main concern is they will figure out that we're not pissed off anymore. Why should we be when Limbaugh is leading them into the wilderness? They're pushing the window to left every time they hold a rally. We're going to be laughing all the way to the ballot box.

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