Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Idiots and wankers

Idiots. They got nothing so they're bitching about file names? The White House photo archives has a category called hero. There's a lot of shots of Obama in it, but not all of them even have people in them. James Joyner points out the obvious.
“Hero: When viewing a proof sheet or selection of images, the Hero image is the image selected for final use i.e. typically the best image from the selection.”-Photography terms glossary
But even he can't resist calling it "inefficient." As I said over there, I don't see why. I use quirky file names for holding files as a mnemonic device. However, in looking at Malkin's post (yes, I'm still bleaching my brain), I see she posted a link to a whole gallery. She seeks to justify the idiocy by noting all the photos carry the hero label in their URLs. No duh. Maybe because those are photos that made the final cut? And they also carry further descriptions of the content, so if you're looking for Obama in the Rose Garden, it would be in hero/rosegarden.1.3.09, which seems pretty darn efficient to me.

Wanker: Andrew Malcolm at LAT. Really. It takes a special kind of wankery to say Clinton was the biggest signing statement offender when the record so clearly shows Bush more than doubled the use of signing statements of all the previous presidents combined. I know times are tough for the industry, but is too much to ask for a major metro newspaper to fact check once in a while?

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Blogger The Kenosha Kid said...

Get this: the dimocrats precious Messiah was seen eating an oversize sandwich the other day. Know what that sandwich was called? A HERO. Can you believe the arrogance of the libtards?

8:24:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Really TKK. And his wife has biceps ya know. Just like a superhero chick....

11:48:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I heard that Pig-Hero Rush decided to see if he could walk on water the other day. he sea level rose 4 feet. Even Jesus couldn't do that.

10:37:00 AM  

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