Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Am I

Song in my head and some (mostly) lighter links to get you through the day.

When in doubt, blame Soros.

Classic Cole. The party of fiscal conservatives.

Too much good to flag one only at Rising Hegemon. Just scroll.

How dereg gave Texas the highest homeowner insurance rates in the country.

Does your city twitter?

Out of the closet. Tas at Comments from Left Field, outs himself .

Damn, that does look good.

Cosa gave me some great love songs for Valentine's Day.

This is really old but I hadn't seen it. I didn't even know Bloom County was still running. Anyway, in case you missed it too, this made me laugh.

Humans litter shamelessly. Space junk.

Lots of pictures of East St Louis.

These aren't the best shots I've ever taken, but they're cheery. Spring, it's coming.

And, if you like this sort of thing, this is comprehensive. NY Fashion Week.

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