Thursday, February 19, 2009

War on terror under Obama

I knew this is where I would be at odds with Obama and while I was initially encouraged by the drop of the "war on terror" framing, the developments since have been less than reassuring. As far as I can tell, Obama is allowing the same people to dictate bad policies. I've been horrified by the unmanned drones bombing innocent civilians in Pakistan. I'm sorely disappointed to see Obama embrace poppy eradication as a solution to the drug problem in Afghanistan. I'm unhappy about sending in more troops and I'm not sure what to make of this latest development over supply routes into that country through perhaps the worst human right violater in the world.

As usual, I turn to Cernig for the analysis and share his concerns and agree there are better solutions. And by the way, Newshoggers should be your first read on any terror related policy.

In the interim, I'm most philosophically aligned with NTodd. Rather than trying to win wars, we should be creating space to win peace.

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