Monday, February 16, 2009

No respect for the B-list

This story currently at the top of Memorandum about the four Tennessee state representatives, all Republicans, who signed up as plaintiffs in yet another dunderheaded lawsuit demanding that Obama prove his US citizenship has apparently already been taken down at But if you go to the Pirate's Cove link, he quotes it extensively.

Judging from the excerpts, it's not nearly as good as the prime snark that Capt. Fogg delivered on the same story last Friday, that I flagged on Saturday here. But did he get front paged? No.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not criticizing Gabe here. I know Memeorandum runs on an algorithum that grabs links according to traffic, but it's just a damn shame that some of the best writing on the internets is so often missed because no one has figured out how to write code that would grab links based on the quality of the content. I continue to think Fogg is one the most wrongly over-looked bloggers in Blogtopia.

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Blogger Unknown said...

here's what ya do, libby...

after you write a story linking to one of the headlines on memeorandum (be sure to include a link to memeorandum itself, by way of a "thank you" or "via" or "links provided by"), then you publish your blog, and then open it up on your computer.

then you click the link to the memeorandum headline about a bazillion times.

this trickes the memeorandum algorithm into thinking a whole lot of people are reading your post.

chances are 50/50 that then your blog post will get listed on memeorandum as a "discussion" or "related" and then a whole bunch of people will click on the links and come to your blog, thus making the algorithm's perception of high traffic true.

it works for me (tho i must admit not 100% of the time).

4:29:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey skippy. Thanks for the tip but that's too complicated for me. And I actually get listed in the discussion a lot more often than I think I should in terms of traffic. Not that I'm complaining. But no idea why.

I was just cranky that so many bloggers I read don't get the notice they deserve. Actually, I'm just basically cranky today.

Good to see you here though. Always brightens up my mood when friends drop by.

5:26:00 PM  
Blogger JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

It's always seemed like conservatives get the most traffic. They're fanatically loyal to aanyone that tells them what they want to hear. At one time my old site generated 3 to 4000 hits a week. Granted, 500 people counted for 80% of the hits. But the righty blogs in my group for lack of anything else to describe it, had close to twice as much traffic. And their common thread was mostly which one was more imaginative in calling me dirty words.
I suggest you adopt a right wing stance and curse at me if you want more traffic Libby.

5:58:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Truth. Actually, someone organized a blog like a wingnut day and a bunch of us played the link to each other game. It was fun. It was so easy. But I've never judged the worth of my blogs by the traffic. I judge by the quality of the readers and I have almost all high class fans. Very few trolls find me. Hence the subtitle of this blog.

Not that I would mind having more traffic, but I treasure the readers I have. I'm always astonished to find out somebody big is reading me when they occassionally drop a comment. Not that they ever link to me. The lefty A list is a very closed group. I understand it. It's a time thing and force of habit as much as anything. When you blog a lot you just don't enough of it to read everybody. But some of them could really do better in giving the B listers a shout once in a while.

But whatever. I blog because I have to express myself or go insane and I figure I'm still reaching more minds here than I would sitting on a bar stool, which is where I used to ply my political theories. And I adore my regulars. You highest common denominator types make it all feel worthwhile.

7:23:00 PM  
Blogger JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

If I told you some stories about my old site you may not include me in your list of high common denominators. I thank you though for allowing me to post here Libby.

5:14:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Truth. You're always welcome here.

6:00:00 PM  

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