Friday, February 20, 2009

Media Twits

The Villagers still don't get it:
The great challenge that this White House is dealing with is the 24/7 nature of the Twittering media that no other president has ever dealt with on the policy front. It's the natural evolution, considering that campaigns have gotten this kind of coverage for years. Still, this environment of incremental up-down rulings by the punditocracy (most notably business pundits, see yesterday) on Obama's first month of policy, is quite the message handling challenge for this White House. Right now, it’s chosen to deal with it by flooding the zone; instead of pushing one storyline a week, they go ahead and try and sell multiple messages. Can they keep up the pace?
Guess they didn't notice they're not the gatekeepers anymore. A little surprising that people who live and breathe polls didn't see all the ones that show public opinion isn't lining up with the media twitters. As Greg Sargent puts it, "It’s Our Legislative Accomplishments, Stupid."

And a look at the Obama's website does remind us, that he has delivered some damn good legislation.

Not that shabby for only a month's work. [Graphic via Greg]

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