Saturday, February 21, 2009

GOPers tout funds after rejecting recovery bill

At least they're consistent in their hypocrisy. In a typical GOP ploy to take credit where none is due, after voting against the recovery bill, some 22 GOPers are bragging about the benefits the funds will bring to their states. I have to wonder if their constituents are as stupid as the GOPers think they are and really won't notice that it was Democratic votes that delivered the bucks.

On a related note, in a clear play for 2012 primary voters, Jindal is rejecting $98 million in stim bill money to increase unemployment benefits for residents of Louisiana, citing concerns over an unfunded mandate when the money runs out. But as has been pointed out by others, the state has the means to sunset the additional funding to avoid having to raise taxes later. It appears Jindal thinks punishing the poor (read that black voters) is good politics, even though it's lousy policy. Sadly, he's probably right considering his base. But despite the fact that LA is one of the few states escaping the full brunt of unemployed workers, those residents still need the money. Denying them emergency assistance at this point is just plain inhumane.

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