Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog bytes - Hello It's Me edition

Song in my head. Funny I didn't remember Todd wearing makeup like that. But on with the show...

Happy Anniversary to Ruth and Diane. They're trying to reach 250,000 hits so click over, would you?

Phila has the best nudibranch ever this week. I love the color on this one and it has the sweetest little smile. I'm linking to the main page so you can scroll down for his week Hope Blogging. Even if his vocabulary is too daunting for you, scroll through for the graphics. They're especially pretty this week but his links are cheering too. It's nice to be reminded that good things happen.

Paul Krugman never gives me a shoutout but apparently he reads this sucky blog.

Watertiger turns on the wayback machine and finds an ironic magazine cover.

JP posts a video message for Obama and it's always worth a scroll through to see his kittens.

Love cat blogging? 4LG has them too and these are three of my favorite felines.

Marcellina hits the big time in a feature story at BackStage. They screwed up the authorship of her blog and of course Marcellina isn't her real name so if you want to figure it out, the clues are here.

I really want one of these toys.

If you're looking for a good meal in DC, Hecate has started a series of restaurant reviews. More here.

Uncle Blodge, who teaches in an inner city school gets post of the week.
End of day
Other than the sub running out of the building screaming "I don't get paid enough to take this shit" it wasn't so bad...
Much more at the link.

And lastly, I called into NTodd's show again this week. It's archived here. I start at about 32 minutes in. I recommend you listen to it all, but I have discovered that if you open it up into Real Player, you can fast forward to hear me. People who listened live, said some nice things about it, but it makes me cringe. I still said "ya know" way too many times and I said "hopefully." Gah.

I could have made my points much more clearly as well. I thought of better ways to say it after it was over of course. Still, I think it was better than the first try, so I'm improving. I think if I do it a couple more times, I won't be so nervous and will sound more natural. It's odd how knowing I'm on the radio unnerves me. If I had just been in a room with NTodd talking casually, I wouldn't sound like such a dork.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Thanks! appreciate your help and the hits. Coming into the homestretch now.

6:57:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Cool Ruth. I see a lot of people picked it up. Glad to contribute a few hits.

9:24:00 AM  

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