Sunday, January 25, 2009

Media Bytes - Just My Imagination Edition

Song in my head. I miss the old Motown. Meanwhile, I imagine I'll never keep up with all the new blogs my friends are starting. American Nihilist has some familiar names on the contributor's list.

On the other hand, we're also losing bloggers. I was sad to discover Hart Williams is hanging up his keyboard. His goodbye posts are here and here.

One blogger who isn't quitting is the man of a million blogs, NTodd. Today he's inventing chants. [via Hecate]

John Perr posts an impressive collection of graphs and studies that show how Democrats do economy better.

Stone Soup Kathy has something to add about the not so smart GOP policies.

Kevin Hayden says. It's not the conservatives. "It’s Republicans that have gone mental. So don’t dignify their words and deeds with the dubious claim that they are conservative. They conserve nothing."

Dan muses on failures of courage - not law.

NBFHubris has something for the anti-choice, hetero relationships only crowd to reflect on. (Warning, this is a disturbing post.)

I've been looking at where wingnuts live. I hear little Tommy Friedman has exchanged his FU for the new Friedman window. Looking at his house, I guess he should know from windows.

And of course, head GOP gasbag, Limbaugh's house doesn't resemble my humble shack. Neither does his lifestyle resemble my own. Sadly, hatemongering seems to pay well.

But to end on a cheery note, what is it with drunken talking heads on the teevee lately. Tell me if you think Anderson Cooper looks buzzed in this clip. And Jules has a short Jon Stewart clip that's amusing. I guess the comedians will still be able to find material even though Bush has finally skulked out of town. So there's that.

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