Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Media Bytes - Do You Believe in Magic Edition

Song in my head. I'm believing in it, for today at least and so apparently are a lot of other people.

This is the funniest post of the inaugural. Facebook Status Updates from Bush Devotees, Dimwits & Dead-enders.

And this was inspiring. Yes, there was shoe throwing but I was more impressed by the spontaneous tribute to that other dictator. The analogy feels so apt.

It was even mentioned by the MSM. Amazing that with 2 million people in attendance, there were no arrests. The article also gives a shout out to Code Pink and their brilliant pink ribbon action.

Speaking of Code Pink, our favorite Pinker, NTodd has lots of photos of yesterday's events. Rumor has it due to the wind chill factor he was wearing pants. (Rumor also has it, sometimes he doesn't -- wear them I mean.)

Also, Code Pink gets a bad rap as being vandals but really they have the most creative protests. Make out, not war.

Meanwhile, Uncle Blodge braved the cold and crowds and has more photos. I can't get enough of them myself.

You can't bullshit babies. They just know what's real. You can see it in their eyes.

It takes a long time for kids to learn the subtle devices of grownups. Until then they have the best innate wisdom.

Some never lose it, even when they grow up. Like Tom Tomorrow who posts A Farewell Salute. [h/t GWPDA]

And if you were wondering what the stars were doing last night, they were at this party.

Late addition: JP has the cutest kittens, but click over to this post and check out his links to drunken MSM women. Punch drunk Diane Sawyer. Priceless.

It was such a transformative day. Like magic.

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Blogger William Still Lodge said...

Thanks for the link Libby

5:38:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

The pleasure is mine Blodge. And how sweet of you not to mention I screwed up the link. I added it at the last second, having just picked it up when I dropped by.

Tidied up now.

6:01:00 PM  

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