Friday, December 05, 2008

Who do they think they're foolin'

You can call Tweety a lot of things, but subtle is not one of them. I'm not sure how it could be any more obvious that Chris Matthews is planning to run for the Senate. If his sudden interest in all things PA, from his meetings with local political honchos to his high praise for Gov. Rendell and the Phillies, to broadcasting his show from the state didn't give you a clue, his house shopping in Philly should have raised your suspicions. And his recent confession that being a Senator was really his life-long dream should pretty much dispel all doubt.

Oddly, he's under fire from both liberal and conservative media watchdogs for continuing to host his show while wearing his political ambitions on his sleeve. I tend to agree that he should get off the air. Couldn't come too soon for me. In fact, my dream is to see him give up his teevee soapbox and then be so completely humilated by a crashing loss in a primary challenge that he drops out of the public eye forever.

In somewhat related news, BillO announced he is giving up his highly rated syndicated radio show, allegedly for lack of time. Pleading a brutal 65 hour a week schedule, O'Reilly said he needs to focus on his teevee program in order to keep up with the competition.

I'm thinking it's more a case of getting out while he's on top. While he claims his radio gig wasn't predicated on ideological rants and alleges it was 'fact-based' so as not to "preach to the choir," it's telling that he started in May 2002, and will end "in the first quarter of next year" just as the new Obama administration will be taking over. A cynical person might think the reason time demands would then become more pressing is because it's much more work to offer critical analysis than it is to simply carry water with pre-supplied RNC talking points. In any event, while we'll still be stuck with him on the boob tube, it's somewhat of a consolation to see the right wing noise machine lose one of its cash cows.

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