Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick bytes - Post Christmas edition

I'm in post holiday coma today. I ate and drank entirely too much. I didn't do much blogging, but I did post these bytes at Newshoggers yesterday and want to archive them here, so in case you missed them, I'm cross posting.

Everybody loves Obama. He has an 82 percent favorable rating on his handling of the transition. Best numbers of any incoming president in the past three decades.

Nobody likes Bush. The LAT looks at the legacy. Shorter: The arrogant SOB singlehandedly turned us from a major world power into the laughingstock of the planet.

Cabdrollery has a very good tool for tracking how often your Congresslizards voted to enable him to do it.

And this is just great. It's not enough that our local law enforcement is killing people regularly with tasers, now they're about to get a new toy. Pain beam weapons. Some kind of microwave guns that cause "skin pain." If memory serves the Pentagon has been working on this weaponry for some time and it creates a sensation of burning. Like the taser, it's billed as non-lethal but there have been real burn injuries in the testing phase.

On a much brighter note, a A real Christmas miracle story. Family home gets saved by a friend's blog post. Very uplifting. I recommend it.

Rest in peace, Harold Pinter. He was an amazing playwright.

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