Thursday, December 04, 2008

Quick bytes - Christmas spirit edition

I can't get my head into politics today. It's December and I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit. This is my favorite Christmas carol of all time.

When Ronnie Sarazin was alive and I was bartending for him at the Baystate Hotel, he would always make sure this one and my other favorites were on the juke box. On a slow night he would pay to play them for me. I always found that particularly touching. Ronnie was gruff and cheap as Scrooge usually. He had a reputation as a mean old man but he had a soft side that most people didn't get to see.

If you live somewhere warm and need snow to get into the spirit, Echidne posted the most beautiful winter video from Finland.

And if you want to start the countdown, Avedon is collecting on-line Advent calendars.

If you're getting stressed out coming up with unique gift ideas, also via Dr. Carol, there's bras for men, a hot item in Japan. Or kinky sci-fi books. You probably want to avoid the 22 worst gifts.

This one isn't quite Christmasy but it's still soothing. From Sully, Where we live, another vimeo vid. I've never heard of this site before, but I'm liking it. I'm sensing a viable challenge to YouTube.

Meanwhile, bringing the greenery to the season, this was interesting. The world's oldest known cannabis stash..

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