Saturday, December 13, 2008

Media Bytes - Winter Wonderland edition

I couldn't find a really perfect version of the song in my head but this Andy Williams quartet cover was something I would have watched as a kid and have been singing right along to in my living room.

Love the song anyway, and among the wonders on this winter night is this list of 2008's ideas from A - Z in the NYT magazine. I could probably use A pretty soon. Personal airbags for the elderly to cushion falls. And I rather like the D entry. DNA for dog poop, for the CSI pooper-scooper enforcement squad I guess.

This is too funny. Oops. The McCain campaign staff were supposed to erase that information before they sold the Blackberries at the yard sale.

And this was funny in a frightening way. I swear, Palin's impossibly garbled syntax is contagious.

Meanwhile, this is the most cheerful Krugman column I've ever seen.

And if you're still stuck for a gift idea for the Obama supporter on your list, this is the best tshirt I've seen, designed by our pal Heretik. Speaking of that rabble rouser, he also made a beautiful logo for Newhoggers. I wish he would do one for this little blog someday.

Finally, do not click this link if you hate cute puppies.

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