Thursday, December 11, 2008

Make new friends, and keep the old...

I'm always pleasantly surprised to find that someone I don't know has somehow found this little blog and has blogrolled me. It's even better when I discover I like their blogs. So say hello to Rachel Rome and Grant Haws. Grant I found in comments and Rachel kindly added me to her followed blogs. Thanks for the encouragement. I've added you both to the blogroll.

Moving on to old friends, Swash Zone, the new collective of many of my favorite bloggers, is on a roll. Just start at the top and keep scrolling there. They've got revisionism, holy apparitions, mutant potatos and much more.

At Ragebot, Kvatch has the most bizarre Christmas video ever and keep scrolling for Frogette's Cabinet of the Stars. I like her picks better than Obama's.

ExPat Brian is putting on the hits of the 60s. I love his latest selections. G-d help me, I remember wearing an outfit very similar to the one in the first video. It looks so silly now.

And at his own place, Fogg discovers the McCain campaign is having a yard sale. No sign of the Palin glad rags though. He's thinking they're still at the dry cleaners for a very good reason.

Meanwhile, Dan is counting the days, there's 39 left, and develops The Theory of the Idiot Actor.

And happy birthday to Hart, who musing on how war wrecks men with the help of the media.

Swinging back to new friends, Watertiger is pitching a new commemorative plate for Joe Biden and how about it - Anderson Cooper is buying. Small wonder. It's a great deal.

Ellroon isn't selling plates but he does have the Bush leagacy illustrated.

That legacy surely includes climate disruption, and if you don't believe in it, look at these clouds and see if you change your mind. [via Tlazolteotl]

And finally, I don't remember who gave me these, but if you need further convincing that something is going on with the climate, try this picture of snow in Nola and watch the video. Granted it's just weather, but it certainly is weird.

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Blogger rockync said...

On behalf of all the Swash Zone loonies, thanks for the mention.

I have enjoyed browsing all the other links contained here; you have some interesting folks here.

9:57:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey Rocky. So many good blogs, so little time. Thanks for clicking the links.

8:49:00 AM  

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