Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Interesting times

Sorry I disappeared yesterday. What was supposed to be a two hour gig turned into an all day affair, but one that I enjoyed. There's something very mellowing about spending a day with a four year old. I highly recommend it for anyone who is feeling stressed out by the news.

As for the news, it's just as depressing as ever but this is one bright spot in the day. Al Gore and Obama will be meeting, presumably to discuss climate change and potential nominees for Obama's team on that issue. Unfortunately, Mr. Gore doesn't want to join the team himself but he's looking good these days, don't you think?

Otherwise, the world is still in turmoil, but it doesn't hurt to take a humorous view. This musical version of the financial crisis is entertaining. So is the cartoon version, featuring a cameo appearance by The Shrill One, a/k/a Paul Krugman.

I didn't get to this earlier. It falls under the heading, just creepy. The Three Amigos, McCain, Lieberman and Lindsey Graham are still the best of buds. Now that the campaign is over, they're jetsetting around South Asia on the taxpayers' dime under the flimsy excuse of "lending support in light of the recent terror attacks," paid for by the Armed Services Committee. Glad to see Holy Joe recovered so quickly from that ugly 'public whipping' by the Democratic caucus for stabbing our candidate in the back for two years. Oh wait...

Speaking of ugly, since I'm in fashionista mode this week, there was a contest to design ruby slippers in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Words fail...

But to end on a high note, this really cheered me up. Take a ride on The Cyclone. Best. Rollercoaster. Ever. [h/t to Ina and Avedon]

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