Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Counting the vote

I'm off to the dentist soon so just some quick hits this morning.

No real surprise here. The despicable Saxby Chambliss wins in GA in the run-off election. They still use Diebolds don't they? I expect this time they preinstalled the "right" software so they didn't have to send in the CEO on a secret mission to install it in the middle of the night as they did last time he ran. And it's interesting that once again, the results outpaced the polling.

Neither is it a shock that Jeb Bush is considering a run for the Florida Senate seat recently opened up by the retirement of Martinez. The hell of it is, he could probably win despite his brother's wholesale destruction of America. He was a popular governor and compared to W, he looks like a genius.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota race between Franken and Coleman is still up in the air. It's coming down to the rejected absentee votes but in an interesting twist "171 previously uncounted ballots surfaced in Ramsey County" leaving me wondering how many other counties misplaced ballots and just didn't notice, or report it.

I have a feeling that Election 08 will go down in the history as the longest one ever. Then again, they all sort of run into each other now. It says something about the process that I've already had to create a category for Election 2010.

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