Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can't we just fire the press pool and get some real reporters

Cripes, two days after the fact and the media is still having a hissy fit over Obama taking his kids out without informing them.
Obama even took the unusual step Friday morning of leaving behind the pool of reporters assigned to follow him, taking his daughters to a nearby water park without them. It was a breach of longstanding protocol between presidents (or presidents-elect) and the media, that a gaggle of reporters representing television, print and wire services is with his motorcade at all times.
Who invented that stupid protocol anyway? I can't recall seeing every little thing that other presidents did and we don't need to know every time Obama buys his kids a snow cone. For crying out loud, shouldn't there be some kind of 'family time' clause in the protocol?

And where the hell was the press pool while Bush was taking us to hell in a handbasket? Maybe if they spent a little more time doing their job, which as I recall used to be "investigative journalism," instead of chasing after the motorcade like a bunch of sleazoid tabloid paparazzi, we would have a better informed electorate and might have avoided the debacle of at least the last four years. Bush would never have been 're-elected' if the media had been doing their damn job.

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