Friday, November 14, 2008

War is over (If you want it)

Shorter Insty: Yon called. We won the war. Everybody says so. And Obama and Biden are weenies for failing to acknowledge the great wisdom of teh mighty surge.

LAT: A sudden surge of attacks in Baghdad this week. 58 dead.

AP: 26 deadly bombings in the Baghdad this month, as of Wednesday, compared with 28 for all of October and 22 in September. At least 102 people were killed this month in the capital, compared with 95 for October and 96 in September, according to the AP count.

Military spokesman: "I think they're going into a political period in this country. With the power struggle ... there will be an increase in attacks."

Instaputz: This all sounds so familiar.

Me: Deep sigh.

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