Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuck on stupid

Everybody is linking to this but it's worth repeating for the archives. Man, did we dodge a bullet when the electorate came to their senses and just said no to McCain and Failin' Palin.
BLITZER: Does that mean you want to come up with a new Sarah Palin initiative that you want to release right now.

PALIN: Gah! Nothing specific right now. Sitting here in these chairs that I’m going to be proposing but in working with these governors who again on the front lines are forced to and it’s our privileged obligation to find solutions to the challenges facing our own states every day being held accountable, not being just one of many just casting votes or voting present every once in a while, we don’t get away with that. We have to balance budgets and we’re dealing with multibillion dollar budgets and tens of thousands of employees in our organizations.
I'm still not over the horror that the GOP thought it was a great idea to make this woman a serious candidate for high office. Kevin Drum sums up this incomprehensible choice well:
...I continue to think that the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate represents the breaking of a consensual cultural barrier far more fundamental than most people realize. It’s not just that she was inexperienced (Spiro Agnew and John Edwards weren’t much more experienced than Palin when they ran for VP) but that she was — obviously, transparently, completely — uninterested in and uninformed about national policy at nearly every level. We’ve simply never seen someone so completely unmoored from the normal requirements of national office before. She was chosen purely at the level of celebrity, and an awful lot of people seemed to be just fine with that.
That's the truly frightening part. Not only did educated people who should know better support the pick, they continue to defend her even now. Brings whole new meaning to that once popular phrase in Wingnuttia, stuck on stupid.

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