Monday, November 10, 2008

The next wave of bankruptcies: Daycare centers

The wealth of the Bushenomic boom gushed straight into the pockets of the already wealthy and the mega-corporations they own but there really is a trickle down effect too. Indeed, the trickle of small business failures caused by their 'free market' scam is fast becoming a torrent.

Next to fall is likely to be the daycare industry. As Americans are seeing their jobs either cut back or eliminated altogether while daycare costs rise, they're pulling their kids out of the centers. Waiting lists are becoming a fond memory and the centers are finding themselves struggling to fill their slots.

Common sense would suggest that costs will continue to rise as the competition diminishes with centers closing, thus pricing out the working poor altogether. Ultimately, one can foresee a rise in welfare rolls as single mothers find themselves unable to find work that pays enough to cover the costs and their household bills.

Anybody want to bet if that happens, the roar of the GOP blaming the Democratic party for it will be deafening?

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