Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking back at McCain

Slow news day. Atrios is pondering what the most hilarious moment of the McCain campaign might have been. He suggests perhaps when McCain met Levi. The Atriots in the comment section nominate many more:
Cheney endorsing McCain...

The moment Dave Letterman caught John McCain interviewing with Katie Couric instead of his show.

I thought it was when McCain was eyeing up Palin right after they announced she was VP choice.

The cottage cheese/lime Jell-O speech, and the wonderful YouTube aftermath.

John McCain wandering aimlessly about the set of the town hall debate, looking for Mr. Puddles.

Paris Hilton: The "Hey old guy" ad.

Thousands flock to Obama speech in Berlin, McCain counters by speaking live at the gourmet-mustard display.

McStain rally: "Is Joe here? Where's Joe the Plumber?" Silence. "Well, you're ALL Joe the Plumber."
There's lot's more in the comment section at the link but many of those have to do with Palin. Limiting it just to McCain, my favorite was the weird dance he did after the last debate, complete with the tongue sticking out and not just because that post was one of my best traffic draws and most commented on in the history of the blog.

But how about you dear readers. Anybody else have a favorite?

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