Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forget the shoulder massage

It looks like Bush is going straight for the surreptitious ass grab with Merkel this time around. And what's with the guy holding his nose behind him. Do you think Bush just let loose with a beer fart or is it just the stink of day old booze oozing from his pores?

Meanwhile, did I miss the GOP memo that announced
is the new wank? What is it with these people? The starbursts in Rich Lowry's pants notwithstanding, I thought the debate wink was the singlemost embarrassing and undignified political moment I ever saw in my life. Now it seems to have become the new GOP high sign.

And surely nothing says serious contender better than a bridesmaid outfit and a wrist corsage. Maybe she should have hung onto that stylist for just a little longer. [Photo credit]

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