Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church and State and Proposition H8

I'm as hetero as can be, but I've been really pissed off by these anti-gay initiatives. I mean, screw those haters, every last one of them. It's taken me a while to process my anger but I got my rant on this afternoon and blasted the Detroit News with three separate posts. I was pretty harsh but I figure I'm either going to get a boatload of criticism or none at all. I suspect the latter, because I hit the so-called Christians where it hurts the most, right in the Bible. All those years of Sunday school finally paid off. I didn't even have to look anything up.

Meanwhile, if you don't feel like reading my rants, but are interested in how yesterday's protest rallies went, there are photos here, here and here. That last one also has links at the bottom to a couple of more photos and a YouTube of, I believe, the Dallas event. [h/t to Michael D. who reports from the Atlanta rally.]

On a related note, gay rights activists are organizing various boycotts and apparently there is an antigayblacklist that has the names and businesses of people who bankrolled these discriminatory initiatives. This development has thrown at least one wingnut into full pearl-clutching mode over privacy rights. TBogg and Sadly, No take him down, as only they can, with their usual lethal snark.

[More posts daily at The Detroit News.]

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