Tuesday, October 28, 2008

With friends like these

Watertiger finds a somewhat bizarre side effect of Palin's Wardrobegate. It appears her protestation that she usually shops at a consignment shop might cause some serious trouble for the small business owner.
Addendum: On a personal note, what I find so amusing about this fracas is that (1) the clothes they chose for Palin are almost offensively generic (Cole Haan boots aside), and (2) she's even managed to screw the owners of "Out Of The Closet", her favorite shop up there in Anchorage. Seems that the name has already been trademarked by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has been operating a chain of thrift stores in California since the early 1990's. The AHF was unaware of the shop before Palin's disingenous protestations, and is now contemplating filing a trademark infringement suit against the second-hand clothing store in Alaska.
Schadenfreude aside, I really hope the AHF doesn't go through with legal action and instead is able to negotiate a name change for the unfortunate owner instead.

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