Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sarah Palin still clothes shopping

I've been facsinated by the infighting between the McCain and Palin camps. I read this yesterday and my first thought was, now they notice Palin is a cutthroat? I could have told them that three days after they picked her. But then again, I did a lot of vetting in those first few days. Too bad they didn't bother to do the same.

The really interesting angle though is on the clothes. Palin made a big deal of the issue in Florida a few days ago, claiming she had nothing to do with them. Didn't ask for them, didn't want them and wasn't going to wear them anymore, preferring to stick with her consignment shop bargains. The Palin camp is blaming Nicole Wallace. McCain insiders say Nicole had nothing to do with it, and that would seem credible to me since Wallace is well known enough to have been recognized if she did the shopping. But here's the interesting part:
And plenty of people on the McCain campaign are mystified as to how the $150,000 charges were racked up.

Moreover, McCain campaign sources say, Palin has developed quite a reputation on the campaign trail for shopping.

During this controversy, McCain insiders were appalled to read a blog account from Nevada noting that the day before Palin held an event in Reno, “Palin's assistant stopped in at the Ann Taylor at the Summit Sierra Mall and bought the skirt suit that she wore during to her speech Tuesday at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. ‘She bought a short, three-quarter sleeve jacket, a skirt and a couple other items,’ store manager Suzette Ludden said.”
They were having a 20% off sale that day but one wonders if the items were charged to Ms. Frugal's personal account or are still being charged off to the RNC credit card. Or maybe she will charge it off to her gubernatorial expense account. As I recall, she's been rather creative in foisting off family expenses on the taxpayers of Alaska.

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