Saturday, October 04, 2008

Letterman and other linky weekend goodness

If you missed Letterman last night, he's been just relentless on the McCain-Palin campaign. This is the funniest segment yet on the VP debate.

Bonus links: KO on Bush in a skirt and on Rich Lowry mastubatory confession.

Rachel Maddow skewers McCain spokesmouth Nancy Pfotenhauer.

Bush and Palin. Same rhetoric, same mysterious humps.

Freudian slip? Does the McCain campaign own Vote for the MILF? Circumstantial evidence would suggest -- yes.

Bob Geiger has his usual great collection of political cartoons. And don't forget he's not all fun and games. Check out his daily fare as well.

And finally, nobody eviscerates the wingnuttery quite like James Wolcott but HTML Mencken does it just as well in his own style.

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