Sunday, September 14, 2008


Amazing how much Tina Fey looks like Palin.

Meanwhile, the Klondike Governorness is sticking to her script and her at home fan base appears to be shrinking. Hundreds turned out for a combination pro-Obama/anti-Palin protest rally.
"I think America does not understand how absolutely extreme her positions are - even to the right of George Bush and John McCain," Norton said. "She is frightening."
Yes she is and so is McCain and so is the idea that the GOP will get away with stealing another election. But it's only been two weeks. You never know what can turn a race. A lot will rest on the media being willing to stand up to the GOP and report the truth for the duration without the usual whimpy he said/she said crap. It would be even more helpful if the TV pundits would stop handicapping the horse race and start reporting on the issues. Not holding my breath however.

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