Friday, September 05, 2008

Please forget he's a Republican

Gah. I only watched Cindy and John tonight. Cindy made me gag and McCain was just pathetic. I'm almost speechless with disbelief that 40 percent of the electorate really supports this hapless sad sack. They couldn't fill the hall once during the whole convention. The crowd was chanting USA, not McCain. Where are they getting these numbers?

The highlight of the night was Tweety. In his usual breathless post speech euphoria, he proclaimed his wonder at the historic moment. He said, "I have never heard an acceptance speech that was such an admission of failure."

He should have stopped there. The rest of his ove-ramped analysis convinced me that he needs some serious time on the analyst's couch. I mean, somebody give that man some lithium. And while you're at it, slip Bucahanan some Zanax before he pops a blood vessel.

But he's right. This pick was an epic fail for McCain. I cruised through the fringe edges of wingnuttia last night and the RNC may have just formalized the ticket, but they put the wrong name on top. It's all about Palin in the base. As I blogged at Newshoggers and Detroit News, it reminds me of the Fred Thompson phenomena.

According to the talking heads on the teevee, they're now going to send her home to Alaska, keep her in seclusion and teach her everything she needs to know in a week. The frightening thing is by then, she'll probably know more than McCain does about world affairs and I'll bet she'll be a quick study on how to push the propaganda. One can only hope her appeal will come to the same ignominious end as Fred's did.

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