Saturday, August 16, 2008

Media Bytes - 96 tears edition

Song in my head. I remember listening to this one on the beach when I was a teenager.

It's been awhile since I've done one of these and I have a bunch of interesting links starting with this belated nod to Thomas Freidman for nailing McCain on his energy policy hypocrisy. Not often one finds a reason to praise Little Tommy.

On the other hand, there's no reason to praise Rush Limbaugh, and Capt Fogg exercises his usual eloquence in not praising the old blowhard for his latest dip into the slime pool.

The health insurance industry assembled an alleged public talking tour. Trouble is it isn't actually open to the public. Dates are only announced to industry insiders and I doubt they're talking about how to make health care affordable despite the focus on the uninsured.

I haven't been able to to bring myself to think about Meghan McCain's new book, a/k/a shameless political propaganda for young children. Fortunately JT Duffy has kindly reviewed it for us.

Kvatch and his fellow Ragebots have a collectible photo of McCain in 1973 with his first wife and a preview look at the detention cages for protesters at the Denver Convention.

Mikevotes has the ultimate photo of McCain $520 Ferragamos.

Avedon showed me this site, Meet the Bloggers, on online talking head show for progressives hosted by Cenk of Young Turks fame. They have an interview with Bernie Saunders up right now.

The eye candy today is of hot air ballons. I used to go this rally in Greenfield every year when I crewing for Topper. Here's some video of the balloon launch at the The Green River Festival. I only recognized a couple of the balloons. And they don't have skydivers anymore.

But I did find some photos of my old balloon, Topper from 2006. She's the oldest experimental balloon still in the air. The original owners who I flew with, Bob and Dottie Batcheller have both passed on. Glad to see the new owner Bob is still flying her.

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