Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life is change

By Libby

You may have noticed that I've stopped signing my posts. That's because I'm going back to making this a solo effort for a while. I miss my co-bloggers like crazy but since I'm out of work and actively job hunting, and I've heard that prospective employers google you these days, I decided to keep it simple here. I've been at this too long to bother to try to hide my blogging but I want to be sure that what they're finding is clearly my own work.

So with great regret, and limitless thanks, I'm putting expat Brian, Mikevotes, and Kvatch on the alumni list. Capt. Fogg is also going there but he kindly agreed to remain as a background admin so he could take care of the place in the event I get hit by a truck or something.

It's makes me sad, but on the brighter side, I've discovered that I can add this timesaving automatic footer at the bottom of the posts to make it easy for those of you that might want to see what else I'm thinking as I wander around the intertubes, dropping new posts along the way. A small comfort, but these days, I take my comfort where I can find it.

[Fresh posts daily at The Newshoggers and The Detroit News.]

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