Friday, August 01, 2008

Clear choices on climate change

By Libby

Paul Krugman gets the quote of the day on climate disruption.
It’s true that scientists don’t know exactly how much world temperatures will rise if we persist with business as usual. But that uncertainty is actually what makes action so urgent. While there’s a chance that we’ll act against global warming only to find that the danger was overstated, there’s also a chance that we’ll fail to act only to find that the results of inaction were catastrophic. Which risk would you rather run?
A point I make regularly at the Detroit News blog, not that it seems to penetrate the skulls of the deniers but I always hope it sways the fence-sitters who don't necessarily comment.

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Blogger realist said...

It's really a version of Pascal's Wager. So we must act even though there is no evidence of all... because something might, just might happen.

Then the question is, do we divert 100% of the global domestic product to combating "global warming", to preparing for the inevitable invasion from Mars, or to give every man woman and child a shotgun to aim at the ground in case the mole-people attack.

5:35:00 AM  

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