Thursday, May 08, 2008

Obama's big problem

By Libby

I have to crawl through one more day of work before I'll time to gather my thoughts on the primary that won't end, but Oliver Willis delivers some first class snark that's too good to pass up. Even though it's a little mean to the Clinton supporters, it sums up the electability argument perfectly. Read it all for yourself, but here's the best quote.
More people are voting for Sen. Obama and that’s a huge problem in the fall. If we extrapolate this trend, it’s possible that he could, in the general election, have more votes than any other presidential candidate in history! The nomination process will be a mockery of the highest order if Howard Dean and the DNC sit back and allow the person with the most votes and most supporters to walk away with the nomination. This isn’t what we all signed up for.
For all the parsing of the demographics, the bottom line is Obama raised the most money and brought in the most new voters. Even someone as mathematically challenged as myself can crunch those numbers.

I think it was Sully who noted the other day, Obama's big bankroll came from small contributions made by 1.5 million Americans. Hillary has tapped out her deep pocket contributors and she's nearly broke. I wonder when that stopped being the main metric of viability?


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