Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Media Bytes - I'm going to fight for you JB edition

By Libby

Song in my head. I didn't get around to posting this on Sunday but today seems like a good day for it just in case you want to read something besides primary day coverage.

This is the long link but fascinating. The coming collapse of the middle class. [via]

In case you haven't seen this yet, the 50 most popular pages on Conservapedia are also fascinating. Their obsession with homosexuality makes sense but some of the others are weird. Unicorns at 15? Kangaroo at 20? And what's with the great interest in the Beckhams? [via]

There's a lot that's disturbing about this video of the LA prison riot but the most alarming bit comes at the end when the trainer tells us the Emergency Response Team is also training to go out on the streets. In other words, they're practicing their skills on the prison population, with an end goal to use them against ordinary citizens. [via Paul Wright]

This story brought me to tears. I miss good sportmanship. [via]

I kind of forgot that we've been teaching little boys to love war for a very long time via their toys.

On a lighter note, I've never seen a Toynbee tile but I sure would like to find one. [via]

And if you're wondering who showed up to the Million Man Marijuana March, here's some videos and pix. [via NYC Alberts]

But on to the eye candy. This timelapse video of cherry trees blooming at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is pretty amazing. As is this guy's photography. I loved this portrait and I've never seen an orange dragonfly either. Anybody know what that is? [via]

Do you need to consult the oracles? This full moon dreams tarot deck is amazing and the one card reading I did was encouraging. If you like more traditional decks you can find them here. I especially liked this one and also this.

Finally, if you need something to while away the time while you're waiting for election returns, this game drove me crazy. I can't figure out how to win it, but I loved the graphics.

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