Friday, May 23, 2008

Buy a car - get a gun for FREE!!


This story, that didn't make the US headlines (why would it?), was on BBC. A Missouri car dealer has quadrupled his sales by offering a free handgun with every auto purchased. This could only happen in the US of A.
Customers can choose between a gun or a $250 (£125) gas card, but most so far have chosen the gun. Owner Mark Muller said: "We're just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want to."
Muller, reaching under his sagging belly to scratch his balls as he spit out a wad of chaw, said that he's sold 30 vehicles in the last 2 days and every customer except one guy from Canada has chosen the gun over the gas card. No surprise. And where did this marvelous idea come from?
"We did it because of Barack Obama. He said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive. We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns."
Well, of course you do. What with those terrorists just itching to invade Butler, what choice do you have? Hell, if you buy a car from Max Motors you can carry two! Or why not ten or twenty or a thousand guns! Goddammit, this is Amer'ca and in Amer'ca we got rights!

Uh um, constitutional rights aside, it's a little bit of a stretch to use Obama as an excuse to distribute more firearms, especially off of a used car lot.

What's really offensive here is not Obama's remarks. It's the fact that we live in a country where a car salesmen can give away handguns like gift certificates and no one cares. It doesn't even make the news. (I wonder if they're packin' even when they march into church each Sunday to show what good Christians they are)

I'm sure Butler is a nice, quiet little town and I'm sure the population's average IQ is well over 70. But I just have a funny feeling that I won't be visiting them any time soon.

Author's note: This marks the 500th post at World Gone Mad. I thought perhaps I should do some special post but this one is as good as any.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Now here's a loophole for you. To buy that gun at a licensed gun dealer you'd have to have a background check, a call to the local sheriff and a three day waiting period. You can give it away though or sell it privately with no hindrance.

Anyway the gun is a much better deal - most decent autoloaders cost more than twice as much.

Of course Obama was right. The guy as much as admitted he owned guns because he was angry.

God, Guns and Guts - who but an American can tie all three together?

8:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buffalo informed me that he was indeed born in Butler, MO and that it is a small farming community with little crime. Gun purchasers there have to get the usual background check and also be signed off by the sheriff.
I still don't understand if its so crime free, why does everyone have to carry.

10:50:00 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

A carry permit has even more hoops to jump through - you have to submit your fingerprints to the FBI, for one thing.

But as for your question - I have no idea!

9:39:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hell of a sales gimmick.

11:53:00 AM  

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