Friday, May 09, 2008

The best hiding place

By Libby

Is right out in the open. My new hero is suspected terrorist Hasan Elahi who erroneously was put on the watch list. He figured out how to beat homeland security at their own game. He's surveilling himself.
And here’s where I really like this guy: for the last six years, Elahi has taken the burden off government surveillance by surveilling himself. Everyday, Elahi takes hundreds of photos of his whereabouts and sends them to the FBI. Pictures of the airports he travels through, the bathrooms he visits, even the meals he eats. With these pictures, he’s ensuring that he’ll never be arrested on suspicion of terror, though by judging by some of the meals he’s eating, Gitmo might be an improvement.
I guess he'll never be arrested for an inadvertent wide stance either. Brilliant. [via]


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