Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Three choices

By Libby

I've got an early call so here's a random mix of three quick bytes, starting with three choices, and the only three choices, for Iraq. Get the hell out. Restart the draft. Destroy the Army. Occupation supporters, make your pick now.

Today's shocker. Joke Line actually plays it straight and rips the Kagans along with the rest of the serious Villagers.
On the day that John Yoo's remarkable torture memo is released, this foolishness is a reminder that none of these people--none of the vicious, mendacious, naive, simplistic, unapologetic, neo-colonialist ideologues who promulgated this disaster--should have even the vaguest claim on the time or tolerance of fair-minded people. Fred Kagan's certainty is an obscenity, his claim to expertise a farce.
Remarkable. Maybe there's hope for him yet.

And finally today's tin pin hypocrisy, times two.

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