Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New home for Newshoggers

By Libby

We ditched Blogger and we're now a dotcom kind of blog. For those of you who read or link to us over there, please adjust your bookmarks accordingly. I like the sound of it, and as an added bonus we have a new custom drawn logo, kindly provided by conservative Chris Muir of Day by Day.

That's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to that Blogtopian Unity Pony I've been looking for and I want to add my personal thanks to Chris for giving us such a great logo. Chris is more bi-partisan than he might initially appear. I've even starting following his cartoon rather regularly since he added the leftwing liberal girlfriend to the mix. I like her. She reminds me -- well -- of me.

Meanwhile, another great feature of the new blog is that our posts will be archived by author so I won't have to do the Excess Hoggage posts anymore, which I haven't been doing anyway. My widget is broken at the moment, but eventually I'll just be able to send you all over to one link and you can just scroll through to see what's on my mind. How cool is that?

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