Friday, April 11, 2008

If this is success...

By Libby

Bush and his minions continue to insist that surge worked, but remember when the Green Zone used to be safe? Not so much anymore.

Col. Stephen Scott, who had ties to St. Louis, died Sunday during a mortar attack on facilities inside the protected Green Zone in Baghdad, which houses the U.S. Embassy. Only the ninth soldier of his rank to have been killed in the Iraq war, he is one of the conflict's highest-ranking casualties.

An avid jogger, 54-year-old Scott was killed as he exercised on a treadmill in a U.S. military facility, King said.
Another ranking officer died in the same attack and word has it many are sleeping in their offices because the latest mortar rounds are targeting the barracks. Too bad for the enlisted men who don't have offices.

On a related note, MoveOn's latest ad seems appropriate here.

Endless war on the six month installment plan and dammit, McCain did so say that he was aokay with the occupation lasting 100 years.


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