Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter Soldier - A final word

by expatbrian

The Winter Soldier hearings are over. While the event was reported in the foreign press, it didn't manage to make the Google News headlines even once during its four days. Not surprised.

The first videos are up at Iraq Veterans Against the War and The Real Network. I hope you all have some time to watch and listen. The speakers are not professionals but their stories are moving and effective.

Here, Garrett Reppenhagen, a former sniper, is interviewed after his testimony. Listen closely to his response when asked, about what he considered to be "support for the troops" at about the 3 minute mark.

In a related story (also not given even a line in Google News)anti war demonstrations, some involving thousands of participants, took place all over the world on March 20 to protest the 5th anniversay of the invasion. Story and pictures at Al Jazeera.

I think maybe its starting.......finally.

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