Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reporting on the War

by expatbrian

A lot has been said about the American press and it's unwillingness to report anti war or anti administration news. The complete absence of news about the Winter Soldier hearings is a perfect example. The MSM also avoids stories about the abhorrent treatment our veterans recieve, their homeless rates, suicide rates, etc. Pictures and video from the war zones are heavily censored and, although the vast majority of common Americans are against the war, we sure don't hear much from them.

It's almost as if people are afraid to speak out.

There is a conspiracy of information control in America and it is perhaps the most threatening and dangerous thing that has evolved out of the Bush presidency. Speak out against policy (a constitutional right encouraged by the founding fathers) and risk being discredited and humiliated by the right wing minority.

It has gotten to the point where we must depend on the foreign press (and the blogs) to get a true picture of what is going on in our own country and in the war. In the case of the war, if the reporters are embedded with the US military they are safer but they only get to see what is allowed.

Some reporters have chosen to go it alone. But they do so at great personal risk, not only from the militias but from the coalition as well. Over the next few days, unless my Alzheimer's kicks in, I'm going to post a few of their reports.

How you protect the Iraqi people from harm by firing rockets at them is a little beyond me.

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

The more of these you see, the worse it gets. This stuff should be mandatory viewing for every member of Congress.

11:21:00 AM  

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