Sunday, February 24, 2008

News from Vleeptron

By Libby

Our special correspondent from the planet where the fun never stops and science is mandatory takes a look at McCain and the lovely lobbyist. You don't get analysis like this on earth.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT -here's a thing I just wrote abuot "Punishment park" a vietnam era anti war movie.

Political prisoners, one group clearly modeled on the chicago 7, are given the choice of either going to prison for a long time or participating in something called "Punishment Park". It is a training exercise for reservists and other military to deal with the now out of control anti war movement. The audience is keenly aware that this seems to be little more than a death trap for the prisoners. It sounds like a pretty typical sci fi "most dangerous " game" retread , but in fact there was an act passed in 1950 that called for internment of dissidents as an anti communism measure and activists and war resisters were being imprisoned. is it not inconcievable that someone in our government would get the great idea to cut down on prison populations and train the police state enforcers at the same time? There are people who want to give illegal aliens citizenship for serving in iraq. This is just the type of "solution" washington often gives us. that is: another problem.

All manners of mediocre left and right wing punditry are explored in the kangeroo courts as well meaning leftist platitudes and realistic but heartles right wing condemnations of said platitudes show the sad state of america that has strayed from the constitution. Obviously, many people will recognize the iraq debate here and of course those old enough to have experienced vietnam will recall those endless arguments.

were it just a left wing polemenic it would be pretty useless, but it's real value is as a study of a society torn apart by it's government's fear mongering and general expansion: into the world and it's own peoples lives. A great touch is the european press who film the entire thing, powerless to stop it. the police and military could care less about the footage they are going to the masses with, knowin full well washington is well insulated from public opinion. some even chastice the film crew for simply wanting to make money off what becomes a rather violent story.

10:34:00 AM  
Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

Yo Lester --

from the extensive paperwork i had to fill out and swear to before i was drafted in 1969, i kept telling Selective Service and the Army that i was a pinko antiwar peace and love hippie dissident ... and did they care? Hell no, they drafted me anyway. For 2 years any officer who was curious was clearly aware of my political opinions -- so when my tour was up, what did they do? They gave me medals and commendations and even promoted me in rank, and certificates attesting to what a fine soldier I was. I got a signed (?) Thank You letter from my Commander-in-Chief, Richard M. Nixon.

Pardon the vulgarity, but they just wanted Swinging Dicks by the ton, that's all they wanted. As long as you went where you were told and more or less did what you were told, they didn't care what you thought or what your politics were.

(As long as they didn't suspect you were homosexual -- that they wouldn't tolerate.)

But nice Sci-Fi anyway.


thanks for the really nifty, flattering link to the Vleeptron post.

The inhabitants of Planet Vleeptron have always been deeply interested in and highly entertained by Campaign 2008. It's more fun than "Contact" starring Jodie Foster.

9:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vleeptron- thanks for the info. sorry i stole your topic for my own attempted creative endevours.

10:18:00 AM  

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