Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inspiration is just so icky

By Libby

You gotta love wingnuts. Over at the birthplace of cognitive dissonance, Jim Geraghty is unnerved that a president might ask him to give up being uninvolved, uninformed and apathetic. I guess I can understand why he finds it so creepy. Then he wouldn't be able to post at The National Review anymore. You know how those pesky fact thingys have a liberal bias and they take so long to figure out. Who has time for that?

On the other hand, his main man Bush, only asks that they go shopping while he decides everything in secret. I can totally see how asking people to get involved in the democratic process is like, so much more threatening. Why can't Obama just illegally spy on us instead? And geez, you won't catch any creepy messianic pretensions in Bush's speeches.

I wonder if they actually pay these guys to write this tripe?

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