Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow day

By Libby

I know I should have been blogging more, but it snowed today so I went out and played in it instead.

The twenty minute snowman with most of the time spent finding rocks for the face. Time was I would have spent an hour or so sculpting some fabulous snow creature, but the snow is not really the same here and the snowmen don't last long.

This guy was already leaning a half hour later. If the temperature drops as it's supposed to, he may freeze like that. That would be cool but I'm not counting on it. More likely I'll wake up to snowman brains melting in the mud.

No matter. It was fun to have snow. I have to admit, I do miss it a little.

Update: He's still standing this morning. Well, I mean he's leaning even lower but his head hasn't fallen off and it's freezing out there today. If the wind doesn't blow him over, he's likely to live a little longer.


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