Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Go forth and read

By Libby

A few quick links to what I'm reading while I'm waiting for my ride.

New Hampshire has apparently figured out that Romney is a phony. Big deal. I've known that for many years now.

It's still hard for me to believe the 'conservatives' hate Huckabee so much. He's the epitome of their base. If I was a fundie, I'd be rather offended that they're working so hard to discredit him based on his religious creds. The GOP may well find they lose the evangelists if they win the war against Huck.

Juan Cole busts the top ten myths about Iraq. It's so obvious that the surge didn't accomplish a single one of its stated goals. How the hell does the White House succeed in painting a little less failure as a step forward? It's a sideways movement at best.

I'm not supporting Hillary but I found this whole fixation on the ugly photo that Drudge initally posted really unfair. You expect it from Sludge but does the WaPo really have to invent an excuse to run it again? I mean if the press is going to fixate on this stupid minutia, then the piece should have run unflattering photos of every candidate. Let's face it, nobody takes a perfect photo every blessed time.

Krugman says we progressives are fighting the wrong battle. He suggests we focus on GOP ideology instead of Bush. I don't really see why we can't do both.

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