Friday, November 30, 2007

Waiting with John Cole

By Libby

We're now in day two of the great fluffer-nutter, who asked the questions at the CNN YouTube debate? Cernig and Shamanic have covered this at Newshoggers, and I posted on it at the Detroit News, but John Cole has three posts up of his own asking for a simple explanation from the outraged blog mob on what specifically they thought was wrong with the questions themselves.

One of his posts had over 350 comments last I looked and still not one meaningful response from the fringer brigade and I know they read him regularly. The obvious conclusion is that they have no good explanation for hurling themselves onto the fainting couch. As John points out, while the debate was going on, they were praising the questions as reasonably fair. It wasn't until the next morning when they found out who the questioners were, that the questions suddenly became objectionable.

It doesn't seem to matter why as long as they all agree they should be outraged. It doesn't even occur to them how silly it sounds to be bitching about American citizens being allowed to ask questions of presidential candidates without 'being vetted.' Of course in that crowd, freedom of speech is just another word. For the budding authoritarians, freedom is only free if you agree. I guess one might admire their 'message discipline' but really, what a pathetic bunch of lemmings.

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