Saturday, November 03, 2007

So easy, a two year old could do it

By Libby

Via Avedon, I see Harry Reid has publicly admitted he could singlehanded end the occupation but claims the timing is all too delicate for him to do so. I can't answer that any better than Bob Fertik did in his post.

Reid could get the result he wants by using his power as Majority Leader to block all funding for Iraq. Then when Bush gets concerned, Reid can persuade Bush to agree to the compromise he describes above.

Of course Bush could refuse to compromise, in which case Bush would have to steal money from other accounts to keep the occupation going on his terms. And then Democrats would have one more reason to impeach him - and they would have the support of 73% of America.

So Harry, if you want to negotiate with Bush, start by blocking all funds - and make Bush compromise to meet your terms.

It's called Hardball - and it's what we expect of anyone who wants to call himself a Democratic Leader.

Really. It's hard to believe Reid is a professional politician when the GOP manipulates him so easily. Kind of makes you think he really isn't trying.

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